10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign

Here i present to you the most exhaustive list of beginners and advanced search engine queries which can help you greatly in finding potential linking partners. This post is one of the tool of the famous Link Building Tool Box.

Use CTRL F + ‘Search Term’ to find what you are looking for.

 Search Queries Menu

  1. Find industry resources
  2. Find guest post opportunities
  3. Find Link Reclamation Opportunities (NEW)
  4. Find niche blogs
  5. Find Interview Opportunities
  6. Find sites where you can list your website
  7. Find non-profit organizations which accepts donations
  8. Find websites to promote your tools,badges, widgets & infographics for Link Building
  9. Find blogs which review products
  10. Find websites which review products
  11. Find Industry Specific Q & A
  12. Find blogs which accept sponsored/paid reviews
  13. Find Industry Specific Social Profiles
  14. Find Industry Specific Events
  15. Find Google Public User Profiles
  16. Find Chamber of Commerce Site
  17. Find primary and secondary education institutions
  18. Find Higher Education institutions
  19. Find Library Sites
  20. Find Research Council Sites
  21. Find government institutions
  22. Google Search Operators
  23. Google Advanced Search
  24. Google Search Operators for Images
  25. Google Search Operators for Google Blog Search
  26. Bing Search Operators


Find Websites where you can find industry resources:

Keyword + “top 10 resources”/”top resources”
Keyword + “top 10 sites/”top sites”
Keyword + “top 10 websites”/”top websites”
Keyword + “top 10 articles”/ “top articles”
Keyword + “top 10 tools”/”top tools”
Keyword + “top 10 web resources”/”top web resources”
Keyword + “top 10 internet resources”/”top internet resources”
Keyword + “top 10 online resources”/”top online resources”

Keyword + “recommended resources”/”suggested resources”
Keyword + “useful resources”/”interesting resources”
Keyword + “favorite resources”
Keyword + “recommended sites”/”suggested sites”
Keyword + “useful sites”/”interesting sites”
Keyword + “favorite sites”
Keyword + “recommended websites”/”suggested websites”
Keyword + “useful websites”/”interesting websites”
Keyword + “favorite websites”

Keyword + “recommended articles”/”suggested articles”
Keyword + “useful articles”/”interesting articles”
Keyword + “favorite articles”

Keyword + “recommended tools”/”suggested tools”
Keyword + “useful tools”/”interesting tools”
Keyword + “favorite tools”

Keyword + “recommended links”/”suggested links”
Keyword + “useful links”/”interesting links”
Keyword + “favorite links”

Keyword + “intitle:resources”
Keyword + “round up”
Keyword + intitle:”round up”
Keyword + “round up” + intitle:weekly/daily/monthly
Keyword + intitle:list
Keyword + “guide”

“list of + Keyword + sites”

Keyword + “news”/”industry news”
Keyword + “magazine”/”industry magazine”
Keyword + “journal”/”industry journal”

Keyword + “whitepapers”
Keyword + “videos”
Keyword + “podcasts”
Keyword + “research”
Keyword + site:.edu
Keyword + site:.info
Keyword + filetype:doc/docx/xls/ppt/pdf


Keyword +  inurl:links/resources


Find websites which provide guest post opportunities

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blog”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blogger”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest Column”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest article”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest post
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest author

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:category/guest
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:contributors

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blog” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blogger” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest Column” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest article” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site” + inanchor:contact


Find Link Reclamation Opportunities



“company URL”




Find blogs relevant to your industry

Keyword + site:wordpress.com
Keyword + site:blogspot.com
Keyword + site:typepad.com
Keyword + site:edublogs.org
Keyword + site:livejournal.com
Keyword + intext:”powered by wordpress”
Keyword + intext:”powered by typepad”


Find Interview Opportunities

industryName + intitle:interview -job
industryVertical + intitle:interview -job
competitorName + intitle:interview -job
industryName + inurl:interview -job
industryVertical + intitle:interview -job
competitorName + inurl:interview -job
Keyword + intitle:”experts interview”/talk/discuss/answer


Find sites where you can list your website

Keyword + “add a site”/”submit site”/”suggest site”/”post site”/”recommend site”
Keyword + “add URL”/”submit URL”/”suggest URL”/”post URL”/”recommend URL”
Keyword + “add listing”/”submit listing”/”suggest listing”/”post listing”/”recommend listing”

Keyword + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend article
Keyword + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend video
Keyword + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend podcast
Keyword + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend whitepaper
Keyword + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend webinars
Keyword + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend event
Keyword + add/submit/suggest/post/list  job
Keyword + add/submit/suggest/post/list contest
Keyword + add/submit/post/list coupons

Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend article
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend video
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend podcast
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend whitepaper
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend webinars
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend event
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list job
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list contest
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/post/list coupons

Keyword +”add your business”/”list your business”

Keyword + directory
Keyword + directory + add/submit/suggest/post
Keyword + intitle:”directory”
Keyword+ inurl:”directory”
Keyword + Listings

IndustryKeyword + “sign up”/join/register/”create an account”

keyword + coupons + intitle:list
keyword + coupons + intitle:submit/add
keyword + deals + intitle:submit/add
“deals for” + “keyword *” + intitle:submit/add
“coupons for” + “Keyword *” + intitle:submit/add

keyword + sweeps* +  intitle:submit
keyword + giveaways  + intitle:submit


Find non-profit organizations which accepts donations

In US (www.google.com)
Keyword + site:.org
In UK (www.google.co.uk)
Keyword + site:.org
Keyword + site:.org.uk
In India (www.google.co.in)
Keyword + site:.org
Keyword + site:.org.in
In Canada (www.google.ca)
Keyword + site:.org
In Australia (www.google.com.au)
Keyword + site:.org
Keyword + site:.org.au

Note: Use following keywords to find non-profit organizations:

  1. “donate for”
  2.  “donate to”
  3. “donate online”
  4. “donate now”
  5. “make donation”
  6. “make charity”
  7. “charity online”
  8.  “money for donation”
  9. “goods for donation”
  10. “services for donation”
  11. “partner”
  12. “support”
  13. “contribute”
  14. “sponsor”
  15. “sponsorship”


Find websites to promote your tools,badges, widgets & infographics for Link Building

industryName + intitle:tools
industryName + intitle:badges
industryName + intitle:widgets
industryName + intitle:infographics

industryName + inurl:tools
industryName + inurl:badges
industryName + inurl:widgets
industryName + inurl:infographics

industryName + top/recommended/useful/favorite/amazing/awesome tools
industryName + top/recommended/useful/favorite/amazing/awesome badges
industryName + top/recommended/useful/favorite/amazing/awesome widgets
industryName + top/recommended/useful/favorite/amazing/awesome infographics


Find blogs which review products

ProductName + review + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + ratings + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + comparison + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + price comparison + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + compare + intext:”powered by wordpress”

ProductName + review + site:blogspot.com
ProductName + ratings + site:blogspot.com
ProductName + comparison + site:blogspot.com
ProductName + price comparison + site:blogspot.com

ProductName + review + site:typepad.com
ProductName + ratings + site:typepad.com
ProductName + comparison + site:typepad.com
ProductName + price comparison + site:typepad.com
ProductName + recommended intext:”powered by typepad”

ProductName + review + site:livejournal.com
ProductName + ratings + site:livejournal.com
ProductName + comparison + site:livejournal.com
ProductName + price comparison + site:livejournal.com


Find websites which review products

ProductName + intitle:review
ProductName + intitle:ratings
ProductName + intitle:comparison
ProductName + intitle:price comparison
ProductName + intitle:compare
ProductName + intitle:recommended


Find Industry Specific Q & A

industryName + site:quora.com
industryName + site:askville.amazon.com
industryName + site:linkedin.com/answers
industryName + site:wiki.answers.com
industryName + site:answers.yahoo.com

Other Q & A queries

[Gaming] + site:gaming.stackexchange.com
[Programmers] + site:programmers.stackexchange.com
[Mathematics] + site:math.stackexchange.com
[Apple] + site:apple.stackexchange.com

[WordPress] + site:wordpress.stackexchange.com
[Android Enthusiasts] + site:android.stackexchange.com
[Web Applications] + site:webapps.stackexchange.com
[Game Development] + site:gamedev.stackexchange.com
[OnStartups] + site:answers.onstartups.com


[Cooking] + site:cooking.stackexchange.com
[Webmasters] + site:webmasters.stackexchange.com
[Electrical Engineering] + site:electronics.stackexchange.com
[Photography] + site:photo.stackexchange.com
[User Experience] + site:ux.stackexchange.com
[Physics] + site:physics.stackexchange.com
[Home Improvement] + site:diy.stackexchange.com

[Personal Finance and Money] + site:money.stackexchange.com
[Skeptics] + site:skeptics.stackexchange.com
[Science Fiction and Fantasy] + site:scifi.stackexchange.com
[Role-playing Games] + site:rpg.stackexchange.com
[Stack Apps] + site:stackapps.com

[Bicycles] + site:bicycles.stackexchange.com
[Jewish Life and Learning] + site:judaism.stackexchange.com
[Graphic Design] + site:graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
[Fitness and Nutrition] + site:fitness.stackexchange.com
[Board and Card Games] + site:boardgames.stackexchange.com
[Homebrew] + site:homebrew.stackexchange.com
[Writers] + site:writers.stackexchange.com
[Project Management] + site:pm.stackexchange.com

[Musical Practice and Performance] + site:music.stackexchange.com
[Parenting] + site:parenting.stackexchange.com
[Travel] + site:travel.stackexchange.com
[Audio-Video Production] + site:avp.stackexchange.com
[Christianity] + site:christianity.stackexchange.com
[Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair] + site:mechanics.stackexchange.com
[Quantitative Finance] + site:quant.stackexchange.com

[Personal Productivity] + site:productivity.stackexchange.com
[Gardening and Landscaping] + site:gardening.stackexchange.com
[Cryptography] + site:crypto.stackexchange.com
[Philosophy] + site:philosophy.stackexchange.com
[Astronomy] + site:astronomy.stackexchange.com

[Literature] + site:literature.stackexchange.com
[Linguistics] + site:linguistics.stackexchange.com
[Movies and TV] + site:movies.stackexchange.com
[History] + site:history.stackexchange.com
[Economics] + site:economics.stackexchange.com
[Mathematica] + site:mathematica.stackexchange.com
[Firearms] + site:firearms.stackexchange.com
[Biology] + site:biology.stackexchange.com
[Healthcare IT] + site:healthcareit.stackexchange.com
[Poker] + site:poker.stackexchange.com


Find blogs which accept sponsored/paid reviews

Keyword + intext:”this is a sponsored post”
Keyword + intext:”this was a sponsored post”
Keyword + intext:”this is a paid post”
Keyword + intext:”this was a paid post”
Keyword + intext:”this is a Sponsored review”
Keyword + intext:”this was a Sponsored review”
Keyword + intext:”this is a paid review”
Keyword + intext:”this was a paid review”


Find Industry Specific Social Profiles

industryName + site:facebook.com
industryName + site:twitter.com
industryName + site:linkedin.com


Find Industry Specific Events

industryName + site:meetup.com
industryName + intitle:conference
industryName + intitle:seminar
industryName + intitle:expo
industryName + intitle:trade show
industryName + intitle:exhibition


Find Google Public User Profiles

You can search Google’s public user profiles with search query strings like this:


Example: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=himanshu+sharma&tbs=prfl:e or by appending &tbs=prfl:e onto any search URL.


Find Chamber of Commerce Site

In US (www.google.com)
<city-name> + Chamber of commerce site:.<state-code>.us
Chamber of commerce site:.<state-code>.us
<city-name> + Chamber of commerce site:.org
<city-name>+ Chamber of commerce site:.com
In UK (www.google.co.uk)
<city-name> + Chamber of Commerce site:.uk
<city-name> + Chamber of Commerce site:.com
In India (www.google.co.in)
<city-name> + Chamber of Commerce site:.in
<city-name> + Chamber of Commerce site:.com
In Canada (www.google.ca)
<city-name> + Chamber of Commerce site:.ca
<city-name> + Chamber of Commerce site:.com
In Australia (www.google.com.au)
<city-name> + Chamber of Commerce site:.au
<city-name> + Chamber of Commerce site:.com


Find institutions which provide primary and secondary education

In US (www.google.com)
<city-name> + Site:.k12.<state-code>.us
<city-name> + Site:.pvt.k12.<state-code>.us
<city-name> + site:.kid
In UK (www.google.co.uk)
In India (www.google.co.in)
<city-name> + School
In Canada (www.google.ca)
<city-name> + School
In Australia (www.google.com.au)
<city-name> + School + site:.<state-code>.au
<city-name> + School
In New Zeland (www.google.co.nz)
<city-name> + site:.school.nz


Find Institutions which provide Higher Education

In US (www.google.com)
<city-name> + site:.cc.<state-code>.us
<city-name> + site:.tec.<state-code>.us
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.edu
In UK (www.google.co.uk)
<city-name> + site:.ac.uk
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.edu
In India (www.google.co.in)
<city-name> + site:.ac.in
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.edu
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.edu.in
<city-name> + site:.res.in
In Canada (www.google.ca)
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.edu
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.ca
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.com
In Australia (www.google.com.au)
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.edu
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.edu.<state-code>.au
In New Zeland (www.google.co.nz)
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.edu
<city-name>  + College/university + site:.ac.nz


Find Library Sites

In US (www.google.com)
<city-name> + site:.lib.<state-code>.us
<city-name> + library + site:.<state-code>.us
<city-name> + library + site:.edu
In UK (www.google.co.uk)
<city-name> + library +site:.uk
<city-name> + library +site:.edu
In India (www.google.co.in)
<city-name> + library +site:.in
<city-name> + library +site:.edu
In Canada (www.google.ca)
<city-name> + library +site:.ca
<city-name> + library +site:.edu
In Australia (www.google.com.au)
<city-name> + library + site:.<state-code>.au
<city-name> + library + site:.edu


Find Research Council Sites

In US (www.google.com)
Research Council + site:.<state-code>.us
Research Council + site:.com
In UK (www.google.co.uk)
Research Council + site:.uk
Research Council + site:.com
In India (www.google.co.in)
Research Council + site:.in
Research Council + site:.com
In Canada (www.google.ca)
Research Council + site:.ca
Research Council + site:.com
In Australia (www.google.com.au)
Research Council + site:.<state-code>.au
Research Council + site:.com


Find goverment institutions

In US (www.google.com)
Keyword + site:.gov
In UK (www.google.co.uk)
Keyword + site:.gov.uk
In India (www.google.co.in)
Keyword + site:.gov.in
Keyword + site:.nic.in
In Canada (www.google.ca)
Keyword + site:.gov
In Australia (www.google.com.au)
Keyword + site:.gov.au


Google Search Operators

This operator is used to return web documents in which the anchor text contains all the words following the colon. For example: allinanchor:car insurance

This search will return all the web documents in which the anchor text contains the words ‘car’ and ‘insurance’

Note: This operator can’t be easily combined with other Google Operators.

This operator is used to return web documents in which the anchor text contains the word following the colon. For example: inanchor:car

This search will return all the web documents in which the anchor text contains the words ‘car’.

This operator is used to return web documents in which the body text (text on the web page) of a web document contains all the word following the colon. For example: allintext:car insurance

This search will return all the web documents in which the body text of a web document contains the words ‘car’ and ‘insurance’

This operator is used to return web documents in which the body text of a web document contains the word following the colon. For example: intext:car

This search will return all the web documents in which the body text of a web document contains the words ‘car’.

This operator is used to return web documents in which the title tag of a web document contains all the word following the colon. For example: allintitle:car insurance

This search will return all the web documents in which the title tag of a web document contains the words ‘car’ and ‘insurance’

This operator is used to return web documents in which the title tag of a web document contains the word following the colon. For example: intitle:car

This search will return all the web documents in which the title tag of a web document contains the words ‘car’

This operator is used to return web documents in which the URL of a web document contains all the word following the colon. For example: allinurl:car insurance

This search will return all the web documents in which the URL of a web document contains the words ‘car’ and ‘insurance’.

This operator is used to return web documents in which the URL of a web document contains the word following the colon. For example: inurl:car

This search will return all the web documents in which the URL of a web document contains the words ‘car’

This operator is used to return web documents of a particular file type. For example: “SEO Checklist: filetype:pdf

This search will return all the web documents which contains the words ‘seo’ and ‘checklist’ and which are PDF documents. This operator is useful in finding valuable resources.


This is a most common search operator of Google and is used to determine back links of a website. For e.g. link:seomoz.org

This search operator will return a sample of the web documents which link out to the website seomoz.org


This search operator returns web documents which are similar to the webpage you specified following the colon. For example: related:seomoz.org

This search operator will return websites which are similar to seomoz.org website like search engine land, seobook etc. This operator can help a lot in finding link building opportunities.


This search operator is used to search within a specific website. For example: “checklist” site:seomoz.org

This search result will return all the checklist type blog posts published on seomoz so far. The operator can also be used to find contact information or guest post opportunities within a website.


If you want to search within a specific folder of a website use


For example: site:seomoz.org/blog


If you want to search within a specific sub-domain of a website use


For example:



site:games.*.com –  find websites whose sub domain is ‘games’ and the top level domain is ‘.com’

The search results for this query can be something like:

  1. games.softpedia.com/
  2. games.yahoo.com/
  3. games.ifeng.com/
  4. games.msn.com/


site:games.* –  find websites whose primary domain is ‘games’

The search results for this query can be something like:

  1. www.games.com/
  2. www.games.ca/
  3. www.games.it/
  4. games.de/


site:ebay.* – Find all the top level domains of ebay website.

The search results for this query can be something like:

  1. www.ebay.ca/
  2. www.ebay.cn/
  3. www.ebay.ie/
  4. www.ebay.hu/
  5. www.ebay.no/


- (minus) operator

Using a minus sign immediately before a word tells Google not to return web documents which contain the word immediately after the minus operator. For e.g. Java -coffee -beans

Here you are telling Google not to return web documents which contain the word ‘coffee’ and ‘beans’

* (Wildcard operator)

Through this search operator you can create a placeholder in your search query and let the Google fill it. For e.g. the query: * management courses will return different types of management courses available.


Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced search let you apply following filters to modify your search results:

  1. Language
  2. Region
  3. Last updated date
  4. Where the search terms appear on the page
  5. Safe Search filter turned on or off
  6. Reading level
  7. Usage rights


Google Search Operators which work with Google Image Search

allintitle:, allinurl:, filetype:, inurl:, intitle:, site:

For more advanced search options use Google Advanced image search 


Google Search Operators which work with Google Blog Search

You can use following search operators with Google Blog Search:

inblogtitle:keyword – restricts search to blog titles

blogurl:keyword – restricts search to blog URLs

link:http://www.abc.com – find blogs linking to the given page

inpostauthor:”Author Name”  - find blog posts written by a specified author


Bing Search Operators


Through this search operator you can get a list of all the external links of a website. For example: linkfromdomain:seomoz.org – returns a list of all the external links of the seomoz website.


This operator is used to check whether a particular URL is in the Bing index. For example: url:seomoz.org


This operator can be used to find RSS feeds of the blogs related to your search term. For e.g. feed:seo – returns the RSS feeds of all the SEO related blogs.


This operator is used to return webpages from a specific country or region. For example: “seo blogs” location:gb – returns UK seo blogs

Note: You can get a complete list of country codes from here


This operator is used to add emphasis to a search term. For e.g. jaguar prefer:car – returns list of web pages which talk about the Jaguar car and not jaguar cat or any other thing related to jaguar.


Use this operator to find websites which link out to a particular file type. For e.g. contains:pdf – returns a list of websites which link out to PDF documents.

site:seomoz.org contains:pdf – find all the webpages of seomoz which link out to a PDF document.

linkfromdomain:seomoz.org contains:pdf – Find all the external links of seomoz which in turn link out to a PDF document.


This operator is used to return web documents in which the HTML body of a web document contains all the words following the colon. For example: inbody:”seo takeaways”

Note: inbody: operator can be used to find web pages which mention your brand name but don’t link out to you.


This operator returns web pages written in a specific language. For e.g. “seo cheatsheet” language:fr – returns all the web pages which contain seo cheatsheet in french.

Note: you can get a complete list of language codes from here


This operator is used to find websites hosted on a specific IP address. For example: ip:


Same as Google Search operator ‘site:’


Same as Google Search operator ‘inurl:’


Same as Google Search operator ‘intitle:’


Same as Google Search Operator ‘inanchor:’


Same as Google Search operator ‘filetype:’


For best results use industry keywords and don’t forget that this awesome list is brought to you by SEO Takeaways who proposed the yet to be famous link building pyramid and the Best SEO Contract in the world.  If you like this post then you should subscribe to my blog and follow me on twitter.


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    Everton’s manager unhappy over Traore’s longtime absence

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Lacina Traore, a striker of Everton, will rule out along period of time due to his hamstring injury, making the manager disappointed.
    The 23-year-old has joined Everton on loan form Monaco in January transfer window, but he suffered a hamstring injury during the warm-up at Goodison Park prior to Saturday’s match against Chelsea, which Everton lost 1-0.
    After the scan, the club announced that the striker will not be able to feature for long time, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya indo11.com.
    “It is going to take a long period of time which at this stage of the season will be a big miss. It will be weeks rather than months,” Martinez told Everton’s official website.
    “It’s a really disappointing outcome. He was ready and had been working really hard since he arrived at the club.”
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    Lewandowski rules out of Poland’s friendly with Scotland

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Robert Lewandowski, a striker of Borussia Dortmund, has ruled out of Poland’s friendly with Scotland due to a knee injury.
    The 25-year-old has been in fine form for Dortmund so far in 2013-14, as he has scored 22 goals in 34 appearances, as reported by Agen judi terpercaya indo11.com.
    He will miss the chance to lead out Adam Nawalka’s side as Poland look to build towards the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifiers, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya indo11.com.
    “I have a slight tear of the cruciate ligament. The doctor says I shouldn’t play on Sunday,” Lewandowski said.
    “Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski will not be in action for the Polish national team on Wednesday. He is unavailable for the match against Scotland because of knee problems,” the club’s statement said.
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