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How to make your clients super excited about Conversion Optimization

  Many people struggle with selling conversion optimization to their clients/boss. This is because they are not able to convince why ‘conversion optimization’ is worth the effort and deserve dedicated resources (time, budget, professionals etc). To be honest, no amount

How to use Agile Analytics to quickly solve your Conversion problems

  ‘Agile’ is the ability to move quickly and easily. In analytics, agility is ability of an analyst/analysis to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the marketing environment. The aim here is to conduct a very

2 Powerful Reasons you should STOP doing CRO Right NOW

One might find it odd to talk about not doing conversion rate optimization (CRO) when CRO is one of the most popular ways of increasing conversions for a web based business. But as odd as it may sound, CRO has

Analytics Case Study: When your Conversions don’t matter

  The first question you may ask after reading the headline is, how it can be possible that conversions don’t matter? “Conversions always matter. If my website is getting conversions then it is impacting the business bottomline.Period” Yes conversions always

How to determine Monetary Value of Non ecommerce Conversions

  When conversion is a product order, it is easy to determine its value. Whatever is the price of the product, is the value of the conversion. For example if price of the product is £500 then value of your

Conversion Funnel Optimization through Paditrack

  Getting traffic to your website is one thing but getting it to convert is a totally different ball game. You may be getting millions of visitors to your website each month but if they are adding little value to

What Matters more: Conversion Volume or Conversion Rate – Case Study

 What matters the most to a business: Conversion Volume or Conversion Rate?  There are three camps involved in this debate: 1st Camp – is in the favor of giving more weight to the conversion volumes. I am from this camp.

Here is Why Conversion Volume Optimization is better than CRO

  Conversion volume optimization (CVO) is a web analytics term coined by me (searched the web, no one else has used the term so far) which focuses on optimizing conversion volumes of a marketing channel rather than the conversion rates.

Google Analytics Conversion Rate – Reporting and Analysis

  How many of us take action on the basis of conversion rate reported by Google Analytics? If we don’t take any anction then there is no need to look into the Google Analytics reports and waste time. Seriously. Analytics is

Google Analytics & Universal Analytics E-Commerce Tracking – Complete Guide

  Index E-commerce Tracking Basics E-commerce Overview report The 11 E-commerce metrics you must know about in great detail What is E-commerce Conversion Rate and how it is calculated? What is a Transaction? What is Revenue & how it is

Is your conversion Rate Statistically Significant?

  Majority of us take marketing decisions on the basis of conversion rate. There is an industry trend to invest more in the marketing channel which has higher conversion rate. But sometimes such thinking can backfire and it can backfire

Calculating True Conversion Rate in Google Analytics

  Whenever I get a new account the first thing that I do is dramatically improve the conversion rate of the website along with campaign performance, visitors’ engagement and content consumption.  You may say, “We all do that eventually”. But

Web Analytics 2.0 – How to use it to improve your conversions

You all have probably heard of web analytics 2.0 at some point in your life and thought what it is all about and how it can help me. In case you don’t know, Web Analytics 2.0 is a term coined

Users Engagement Strategy – Basic Courtesy

  Basic courtesy goes a long way and there is no denying of this fact. Showing courtesy starts with your first interaction with the client. Following are few tips to keep in mind: Be very polite while answering to your

Usability Testing – Pocket Guide to Do it Yourself Usability Testing

  I love writing pocket guides. Because just like you i am always short of time and want to learn new things in shortest possible time. So here i present to you my compact version of ‘Do it yourself Usability