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10 Analysis Techniques that Fool Data Driven Marketers

  In the next few minutes I will show you 10 different techniques that can be used intentionally or unintentionally to mislead data driven marketers with the data they adore so much. I will also prove it to you how

Introducing Predictive Marketing – The next stage of Business Optimization

  You must have heard of something called  ‘Predictive Analytics‘ at some point in your life as a marketer/analyst. The term ‘predictive analysis’ is so heavy that we have conferences (like Predictive Analytics World) organized around it all over the

SEO ROI Analysis – How to do ROI calculations for SEO

  We often talk about ROI during reporting and esp. during pitching a new client. ROI is a very important metric, even more important than sales or conversions. This is because it takes into account the cost of the investment.

What Matters more: Conversion Volume or Conversion Rate – Case Study

 What matters the most to a business: Conversion Volume or Conversion Rate?  There are three camps involved in this debate: 1st Camp – is in the favor of giving more weight to the conversion volumes. I am from this camp.

Here is Why Conversion Volume Optimization is better than CRO

  Conversion volume optimization (CVO) is a web analytics term coined by me (searched the web, no one else has used the term so far) which focuses on optimizing conversion volumes of a marketing channel rather than the conversion rates.

Is your conversion Rate Statistically Significant?

  Majority of us take marketing decisions on the basis of conversion rate. There is an industry trend to invest more in the marketing channel which has higher conversion rate. But sometimes such thinking can backfire and it can backfire

Smart SEO Formulas

  1. Keyword CTR (Click through Rate) = No. of times your ad/search engine listing is clicked/ No. of times your keyword is searched. For e.g. Let say your search listing on Google was clicked 2 times when the keyword

ROI, Conversions and You

  Clients often talk about ROI and conversions. SEOs also talk about them to fetch projects and entice clients. But there is a difference between how the two groups look at ROI. For clients ROI means ‘dollar returns’, for SEO