Hi! I am Himanshu. I am the founder of  ‘SEO Takeaways’, a UK based digital marketing consultancy which specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) management and Analytics Consultation.


Experience, Skills and Qualification

I have more than 8 years of experience in SEO, PPC and Web Analytics.I hold a bachelors degree in ‘Internet Science’ and am Google Analytics Certified (click here to verify) and a Certified Web Analyst – Master Level (click here to verify) from Market Motive.

I have been directly coached by world famous Analytics  guru ‘Avinash Kaushik‘ on the subject of  ‘web analytics’. He shared some of the most valuable analytical skills, tips and tricks with me which has skyrocketed my knowledge in the field of web analytics. You therefore can expect extra ordinary analytical insight from me.


Certified Web Analyst – Master Level


 Web Analytics Master Certification is a 3 months + coached training program run by ‘Avinash kaushik‘, world Famous Analytics Guru and Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google. 


Google Analytics Certified


The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to only those individuals who have passed the Google Analytics IQ test

Passing this test is a proof that I am a proficient Google Analytics user.


Nominated for ‘Digital Analytics Association Awards for Excellence’


Digital Analytics Association‘ is a world renowned not-for-profit association which helps organizations overcome the challenges of data acquisition and application. 


Hundreds of endorsements from Marketing Professionals on LinkedIn










































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My work has been cited in the following publications


SEOTakeaways listed as one of the top 10 Analytics blogs by Crazyegg.com and koozai.com



Featured blogger on ‘WebAnalyticsWorld.Net’


Web Analytics World is recognised as being one of the world’s leading blog and news sites in the web analytics industry.

You can see my contributions on Web Analytics World here http://www.webanalyticsworld.net/author/HSharma


Articles published on MOZ.com


Article published on SmartInsights.com: How to review content effectiveness using a custom Google Analytics dashboard

My best article so far on WebAnalyticsWorld.net : Case Study: Why you should Stop Optimizing for Conversion Rate

Listed in the Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010 by Techipedia.com: 10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign


Some of my threads which have been made Sticky on SEOChat forum:

You can find my contributions on seochat forum here: http://forums.seochat.com/member.php?userid=54697

You can find my contributions on seomoz blog here: http://www.seomoz.org/users/view/181053


My Story

I started working in the Digital Marketing space in 2005 with a small digital marketing firm named ‘Dimension E Services’ as a SEO. My job was to develop and implement SEO strategies for their various websites. Later I also got the responsibility to manage their Social Media Marketing campaigns. I first started developing my Web Analytics skills during this time.

I worked for many big and multinational companies at various roles before I founded SEO Takeaways in December 2011.

Prior to my career in Digital Marketing I had a short stint with the event management industry. During this time I studied event management to become a ‘certified event planner’. Soon i realized that this field is not for me and then later I found my true love and passion in digital marketing.

In 2007 I started EventEducation.com to provide free event management and planning courses to event professionals. The commercial motive to start this website was to recover the fees I paid to become a ‘certified event planner’. I wanted to monetize the knowledge I gained through this course in someway. Within a year I recovered my entire course fees and started earning much more just through Google Adsense.


In 2008 i founded EventPlanningForum.net to provide an online social platform to event professionals.  I started this network to add a ‘social element’ to my EventEducation.com website.  I saw a gap in the social networking space for event planners and thought of filling it through my platform. Event planning Forum is now the second largest social network for event professionals in the world and has 2900 members and counting.


My Role at SEO Takeaways

I work for few big brands whose names I can’t disclose for legal reasons (NDA). However i can provide referrals on request.

My job at SEO Takeaways is to plan, develop and implement strategies to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website via organic and paid search results.

I provide analytics consultation with the aim to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns (SEO, PPC, Display, Email etc), find quick and easy wins to improve sales, conversions and ROI and to determine the most effective acquisition channels for investment.

My work is incredibly personalized. When you work with SEO Takeaways, you will be working directly with me from the beginning to the end of your engagement.

I bring a highly practical and realistic approach to consultancy as I manage two websites of my own and has been in the online marketing business since 2005.  I have direct hand on experience in SEO and PPC, strong knowledge of technical SEO, strong analytical skills and ability to draw conclusions and determine strategies based on data.

For more on my professional background please check my Linkedin Profile.


Some good things said about me by other Industry Experts

You have something special in you that few people possess. You are a very strong SEO. You understand the value of quality and you also understand strategy – EGOL (seochat forum top member)

I got open Invitation to write for seochat – The offer will always be open for you, though James is the person you’d have to contact. And if I can’t convince you to write for us immediately, I hope you won’t mind if I start turning some of your threads into SEO Chat articles?- Terriwells (administrator, staff writer/editor for Developer Shed )

I wanted to thank you for your participation in this community. It’s a pleasure reading your posts and here’s why. It’s partly because you seem to be a solid digital marketer. More importantly it is your thoughtfulness and ability to mentally build on a solid foundation. You build out scenarios and envision solutions on a moving timeline. It’s this projection of what we know and how to apply it for real, that separates the masters from the experts.

- Mike Feuti on my participation on SEOmoz Blog


Hi Himanshu,
I wanted to write to say thank you for posting such great content on your SEO blog. I have found your post interesting and informative. By the looks of your site, you appear to be a great professional in the SEO field with a prosperous future. I don’t know how many people write you to say thank you, but I wanted to make sure I did because I find myself frequently visiting your blog. I am an e-commerce owner in the USA. We are a small family business and I am a complete SEO newbie. I have learned basic things from books, forums, and websites (like yours!). The more I try to research and learn SEO, the more I realize that the landscape is constantly evolving, and that is what fascinates me about SEO. For now, I will just attempt to do the best I can with SEO until our business can pay someone like yourself! Thank you again,
– Mike Sopena (www.cruxsurf.com)


Himanshu Sharma
The founder and sole owner of SEO Takeaways, Himanshu Sharma is extremely awesome when writing posts on his blog. I commend him too when it comes to coming up and innovating strategies for link building using link baits and other content driven styles. Better follow him on Twitter @seohimanshu for updates on what things he does in the world of SEO.

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